What is the Feminist Spice Club?

  1. The name of a DESIGNATION granted to romance stories written from a feminist point of view. FEMINIST SPICE CLUBTM stories don’t rely on narratives that demean or demoralize women generally or sexually, and don’t promote gender-biased stereotypes within their story. The FEMINIST SPICE CLUB designation rewards authors who create empowered and sexually confident female characters and helps feminist readers find the kinds of stories they prefer. (More information on the Designation and how to get it below.)
  2. A CONVERSATION. Feminists shouldn’t have to feel guilty about what they read! We inspire the feminist romance sub-genre, and spread the word about smart, strong, and sexy female literary role models using #feministspiceclub on Twitter and TikTok
  3. A COMMUNITY of feminist authors and readers of spicy romance books, who crave great stories that empower women. We discuss the current state of the genre, share our favorite examples, and influence change. Join our Facebook Group!

Join our Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1543869952656304/about
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Join us on Twitter: #feministspiceclub

LINK: Books with the FEMINIST SPICE CLUB Designation


To request an Information Sheet with more details on the Designation and examples of female character empowerment and disempowerment, please Contact us via this website.

Authors may apply by sending a copy of their book to Feminist Spice Club founder Brienne Loughlin at brienneloughlinauthor@gmail.com. Please include “Request for Feminist Spice Club Designation” in the subject line.

QUESTIONS? Contact us here: https://brienneloughlinauthor.com/contact/

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QUESTIONS? Contact us here: https://brienneloughlinauthor.com/contact/