Touchpoints is an erotic romance novel, set on a remote island during a whirlwind summer. With a dual point of view, it explores the mindsets and sexual compatibility of a successful female Silicon Valley entrepreneur and a hot local musician who renounces his playboy ways once he finally knows what he wants. They hook up fast and often, but as summer wanes, time is ticking; Silicon Valley startups wait for no one. (spoiler alert: synopsis below!)

published June 1, 2022

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Charlotte was a thriving Silicon Valley entrepreneur until a series of tragic events knocked her off her mental game. She heads to Prince Edward Island for the summer, with a plan to reboot her life: partner with the charming and dynamic Tom on his new Innovation Lab, manage her inherited land with ruggedly handsome forester Jed, and launch a new startup: ‘Duffle.’

But the sexy local musician she briefly met four years ago—and who has lingered in a deep, sensual place in her body—is the recreation she needs. The sex with Michael is incredible and she’s insatiable—finally, finally! she feels alive again. Michael realizes he’s going to need all his skills and savvy to keep the dynamic Charlotte in his life. She’s a whirlwind: wealthy, worldly, but she doesn’t think of him much beyond his bedsheets.

Their relationship twists and tumbles as Charlotte struggles between the impracticality of commitment and her loneliness, and Michael balances unrequited love and the expectations of family and community. While his mother and brother Philippe conspire against Charlotte, his trendy younger brother Jack and Charlotte’s friends compel them together.

Ultimately Charlotte has to go back to Silicon Valley. It’s who she is. She won’t take Michael away from the people who need him most. Or will she?